Inheritance Tax Planning

Huggins Wealth Management will help ensure your inheritance goes to those you care about the most

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Book a FREE Financial Consultation

Proactive planning to protect your assets

A bespoke plan from Huggins Wealth Management will not only minimise your inheritance tax liability, it can also assist with planning for long-term care allowing you to keep as much of your property and assets as possible.

Our financial plan begins with an assessment of all the factors that can affect your inheritance. We will thoroughly research items such as your will, home ownership structure and trusts. We will use all this information to produce a bespoke solution tailored to you.

Many professionals can be involved in the process of dealing with an inheritance. It is all too common for mistakes to be made or delays to occur because a professional has wrong or incomplete information. We make a point of dealing quickly and proactively with other professionals on your behalf, ensuring they have full and accurate records. We aim to help to minimise delays at what can be a complex and difficult time.

I was introduced to my late mothers financial adviser, Paul Huggins, nearly 4 years ago. He effectively managed her financial portfolio for many years and she received very good returns on her investments. Paul offered a very personal service based on her needs and level of risk, and she always spoke very highly of him. He was extremely supportive in the later years of her life and efficient with the transfer of investments outlined in her will.

My experience has been the same. Paul has the ability to explain investment details based on ones personal level of understanding. He is likeable, approachable, honest and accessible. I would highly recommend his services, and have introduced him to several of my friends.

Sharon Woods

The team at Huggins Wealth Management has the knowledge and experience to help you secure your assets and choose the fate of your inheritance.