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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Paul Huggins, Canterbury
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What you can expect

We’ve built our reputation on the relationships we hold with the families and individuals we help. These relationships are built on trust and providing expert, independent financial advice in a friendly, easy to understand manner. This approach starts from the very first consultation, so you can expect…

  • Initial analysis of your current financial situation
  • Detailed discussions about your financial goals
  • Answers to your most important questions
  • Whether financial advice is right for you
  • What benefit you might see from taking advice
  • Which of our advisory services might suit you
  • A clear picture of our charging structure

As a result, we ensure that everyone leaving one of our free consultations is in a better position to make financial decisions, with or without our help.

Your Financial Expert

Paul Huggins Portrait Photo

Every initial consultation at Huggins Wealth Management is with our lead Financial Advisor, Paul Huggins. An Independent Financial Advisor with over 18 years’ experience, Paul’s expertise covers everything from Investments and Pensions to Inheritance Tax and Life Assurance.

An ever friendly, approachable advisor, Paul’s approach is to simplify the world of finance so everyone understands the options they have. For this reason, he is a trusted advisor to both individuals and entire families, who look to him for jargon free, easy to understand financial planning advice.

What Next?

Simply get in touch via the contact form on this page or by calling +44 (0)1227 870 087, and we’ll arrange a suitable time for your consultation that works for you.

Whilst we find face-to-face consultations at our offices tend to be most productive, we will also happily conduct our consultations via telephone or arrange a home visit if this is more convenient.

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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Paul Huggins, Canterbury